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Welcome to the Forst Group a multidisciplinary firm in the sustainable materials and technology industry. We work to improve the living and working conditions in our businesses and residences. The common thread running through our team is the belief that we are all using too much of our planet's resources

We work to introduce new methods and products to anyone looking to cut down on operational costs or who are building/ retro-fitting a building.

The sustainable solutions we provide are scalable from a hospital to a studio apartment. Have a budget to stick to? we can create a package that will address your needs within your budget that will pay for themselves over a planned period. We look to show everyone that there is a better way than the old way, most Americans are still relying on the same antiquated technology of the last generation. We understand that old is familiar so the choice seems to be the logical one. But those relics of a bygone era are hurting your bottom line and we can fix that.

We work with manufacturers bringing our experience, network, and flexible strategy to the table.

Many of us still have products that are harmful to not only ourselves but to the environment. We know that better options exist and we are motivated in our efforts to show people who are relying on yesterday's technology that they can do better with your materials and tech. Join us in improving the environment and bringing more awareness to your brands.

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Our services

Consulting and Representation

Are you in the sustainable materials or environmental tech industry? We would like to work with you in bringing your product to a larger market, bigger projects, and solidify your brand so that it stays on the market.


Having materials and knowing where they can be used are entirely different. We work closely with the manufacturer, engineers, and architects to provide the best solution and application for your needs. Understanding the abilities of the materials is a priority for our team. Our manufacturers will tell you that no one is as thorough when it comes to understanding  the products we carry.


The materials we use to build our homes and offices may have toxic chemicals in them, and are at the very least harming the environment to be produced in the first place. We offer materials that will reduce maintenance, labor, and our materials qualify for LEED points.

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What our clients say

“The Forst Group has an incredible and varied network of colleagues and business contacts around the world. They are very organized, thorough, great communicators, and have the ability to think outside the box to find solutions in supply chain, distribution, product details and unique sales opportunities. The team spent a lot of time getting to know our products, the details of our raw material supply, and our distribution details. The Forst Group has used this information to garner the attention of large national and international design firms, developers,and production facilities.

We look forward to working with the Forst Group further as we expand our business and increase our sales base.

I would highly recommend them in all areas of business.”

Iris Industries Jen Carlson Co-Founder / CMO Iris Industries LLC Slate-ish LLC